2021 Singapore MOE Primary 1 Mathematics Syllabus

Counting to 100

Counting to tell the objects in a given set. Number notation, representations and place values (tens, ones). Reading and writing numbers in numerals and in words.

Compare Numbers to 100

Comparing the number of objects in 2 or more sets. Comparing and ordering numbers.

Ordinal Numbers

Patterns in number sequences. Ordinal numbers (first second, up to tenth) and symbols (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc)

Addition and Subtraction

Concept of addition and subtraction. Use of +, - and = Relationship between addition and subtraction. Adding more than two 1 digit numbers. Adding and subtracting wihin 100. Adding and subtracting using algorithms.

Mental calculation involving addition and subtraction within 20, of a 2 digit number and ones without renaming, of a 2 digit number and tens.

Multiplication and Division

Concept of Multiplication and Division. Use of × Multiplying within 40. Dividing within 20.


Telling time to 5 mins. Use of am and pm. Use of abbreviation h and min. Duration of one hour / half hour.


Measuring length in centimetres. Use of abbreviation cm. Comparing and ordering lengths in cm. Measuring and drawing a line segment to the nearest cm.

2 D shapes

Identifying, naming, describing and classifying 2D shapes: rectangle, square, triangle, circle, half circle, quarter circle. Forming different 2D figures with rectangle, square, triangle, half circle, quarter circle. Identifying the 2D shapes that make up a given figure. Copying figures on dot grid or square grid.

Picture Graphs

Reading and interpreting data from Picture Graphs.


Counting amount of money in cents up to $1. In dollars up to $100.

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